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Marvel Ice Makers

Marvel Ice MakersMarvel Ice Makers
The quality of your ice machine is just as important as the quality of your ice. Marvel delivers on both counts. Expect superior ice machine construction and performance matched by dependable ice quality and production.

For those who appreciate sparkling clear ice, Marvel has Models 30iM and 3iMA. Each is designed to provide the highest quality restaurant style ice cubes at production levels suited for household use. A gravity drain or Marvel drain pump is required.

Clear ice is created by a specialized process that removes impurities as water freezes. The result is a hard, clear ice, free of odors and impurities that can alter the taste of beverages.

Marvel also has traditional crescent cube ice machines, plus an ice machine combination model, that do not require a drain.

25IM Marvel 15" Ice Maker
15IM Marvel 15" Ice Maker
30IMT Marvel 15" Clear Ice Maker
30IMAT Marvel 15" ADA Clear Ice Maker