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Maytag Cooktops

Maytag Cooktops
It takes the right ingredients to make the perfect meal. Not just fresh foods and interesting flavors, but also the tools to achieve the results you desire. That's why Maytag precision crafted cooktops are designed with all of the right features to make cooking a joy - and cleanup a breeze. Like Insta-Heat radiant elements that respond in seconds on Maytag smooth glass-ceramic models. High-wattage elements taht provide fast and uniform heating on Maytag coil models. And one-piece sealed burners with precision controls and a premium 10-year warranty on Maytag gas models. All with sleek, contemporary styling that enhances any kitchen. Plus Maytag Built-To-Last features that ensure dependable quality for years to come. When it comes to cooktops, Maytag is a mark of great taste. So choose Maytag cooktops for high style and high performance.

Maytag Electric CooktopsMaytag Black Electric Cooktops
Maytag White Electric Cooktops
Maytag Stainless Steel Electric Cooktops
Maytag Gas CooktopsMaytag Black Gas Cooktops
Maytag White Gas Cooktops
Maytag Stainless Steel Gas Cooktops