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MC-UL427 Panasonic Jet Force Upright Purple Vacuum Cleaner with 9X Cyclonic Technology

MC-UL427 Panasonic Jet Force Upright Purple Vacuum Cleaner with 9X Cyclonic Technology


Jet Force Technology
Separates the dust and air via centrifugal force and a unique hour glass dust container construction, allowing for no loss of suction.The hour glass dust cup shape forces large debris towards the bottom of the cup, due to pressure difference in the middle and bottom of the cup, and away from the filter to prevent clogging and to reduce filter maintenance.

9X Cyclonic Technology
Experience a powerful clean and no loss of suction thanks to the bagless cyclonic system with 9X cyclonic power. This technology utilizes 9 cylinders for multicyclonic dirt separation and cleaner exhaust air.

HEPA Filter
The HEPA filter captures small particles such as allergens, irritants, and pollutants.

Powerful 12-Amp Motor
12-Amp motor offers powerful cleaning performance.

Pet Hair Air Turbine Brush
Quickly remove stubborn pet hair from stairs and upholstery with this handy on-board attachment.

Quick Draw Wand with Tools on Board
The stretch hose, wand, dusting brush, and crevice tool are attached to the vacuum, allowing instant access to powerful, above-floor cleaning.

Bare Floor Option
A convenient switch on the nozzle shuts off the agitator for safe bare floor cleaning.

Dirt Cup
The easy-to-empty, bottom-drop cup allows for quick and easy dirt disposal at the touch of a button.

Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment
Automatically Adjusts to the proper setting for just about any carpet.

13" Cleaning Path
A 13" wide nozzle lets you clean larger areas in less time.

24" Automatic Cord Reel
A single touch activates the cord rewind mechanism making storage easy and convenient.

Soft Wheels
Gentle on floors and makes turning the vacuum easy.

Shipping Weight: 25 lbs
Shipping Method:

  • Color: Vibrant Violet / Black

  • Amperage: 12 Amps
  • Handle: Enclosed
  • Dirt Containment: Bagless-Cyclonic
  • Exhaust Filter: Hepa Media Filter
  • Filter Kit Number: MC-194H
  • Headlight: No
  • Tools On Board: Yes
  • Extension Wand: Plastic
  • Attachment Storage Type: On Board
  • Attachment Reach: 10'
  • Air Turbine (Pet Tool): Yes
  • Cord Length: 24'
  • Quickdraw: Yes
  • Cord Reel: Yes

  • Nozzle Swivel: No
  • Power Switch: On Body - Foot Operated
  • Edge Cleaner: Dual Active
  • Dirt Sensor: No
  • Nozzle Width: 13"
  • Wheels: Soft
  • Handle Release Method: Foot Step
  • Height Adjustment: Automatic
  • Belt Style: Stretch - UB11
  • Belt Kit Number: MC-V390B
  • Overload Protector (Belt Saver): No
  • Bare Floor-Agitator Shutoff: Yes

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Product Dimensions
  • Length 12"
  • Width 13.5"
  • Height 42"