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MED6000AW Maytag Maxima XL 27" White Electric HE Steam Dryer

MED6000AW Maytag Maxima XL 27" White Electric HE Steam Dryer
MED6000AW Maytag Maxima XL 27" White Electric HE Steam DryerMED6000AW Maytag Maxima XL 27" White Electric HE Steam Dryer
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Best Drying Performance
Quad baffles and Advanced Moisture Sensing combine for quick and even drying to provide the Best Drying Performance available for any size load.

Maytag Commercial Technology
Maxima XL dryers bring long-lasting, commercial-grade components that you can depend on into your home. The durable motor and 5-rib belt are all built to easily handle load after load, week after week.

Extra-Large Capacity to evenly dry your largest loads
The extra-large 7.4 cu. ft. capacity provides enough space to evenly dry your largest loads straight from the washer.

American Pride
From Ohio to you, these laundry pairs are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. Buy with confidence knowing Maxima XL laundry pairs are dependably manufactured right at home.

AutoMoisture Sensing with Quad Baffles
Four unique baffles improve movement of clothes around the drum for better drying results and improves the tumbling of smaller loads.

Steam-Enhanced Dryer Cycle
Effectively relaxes wrinkles and refreshes clothes with steam that penetrates fabric fibers. A guard inside the drum helps to protect fabrics from the spray nozzle.

No Hassle Water Hook-up
An easy-to-install connector delivers water directly to the dryer for steam without the hassle. It eliminates the need to fill a reservoir like most dryers that feature steam-enhanced cycles.

Auto Refresh Steam Cycle
Smooth out wrinkles and remove odors in as little as 15 minutes. Steam is introduced into the dryer drum after several minutes of tumbling at a medium temperature. The cycle ends with a brief cool down period.

Durable Glass Window
A durable, formed glass window deflects the load back into the drum cavity helping with tumble pattern. Plus, it is resistant to scratching and shattering.

Wrinkle Prevent Option with Steam
This option provides intermittent tumbling at the end of the cycle to help reduce wrinkling in clean, dry clothing. Clothes tumble every 5 minutes without heat for up to 150 minutes. This option is further enhanced with steam introduced into the dryer at the appropriate time.

Shipping Weight: 180 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight

Key Features
  • Best Drying Performance
  • Maytag Commercial Technology
  • Extra-large capacity to evenly dry your largest loads
  • American Pride
  • AutoMoisture Sensing with Quad Baffles
  • Steam-Enhanced Dryer Cycle
  • No hassle water hook-up
  • High Efficiency Sensor Drying
  • Auto refresh Steam Cycle
  • Durable glass window
  • Multiple Drying Temperatures
  • Wrinkle prevent option with steam

  • Total Capacity: 7.4 Cu. Ft.

  • Drum Material: Stainless Steel
  • Reversible Door: Reversible Side-Swing Door
  • Door Swing: Side Swing

  • Controls: Electronic Control

  • Drum Light: LED Auto/Selectable w/Fade
  • Drying System: Auto Moisture Sensing
  • Lint Screen Location: Door
  • Vent Length: 64
  • Heavy Duty: Heavy Duty
  • Normal: Normal
  • Wrinkle Control Time: 140 Minutes
  • Number of Moisture Settings: 3
  • End of Cycle Signal: On / Off End Of Cycle Signal
  • Number of Temperatures: 5
  • Product Dimensions
  • Height 38-1/8"
  • Depth 31"
  • Width 27"