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MGDB850YG Maytag Bravos XL High-Efficiency Granite Gas Steam Dryer

MGDB850YG Maytag Bravos XL High-Efficiency Granite Gas Steam Dryer
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Bravos XL High-Efficiency Gas Steam Dryer
From America's #1 preferred laundry brand1 comes a premium laundry experience that keeps your household's clothes, fabrics and special items ready for daily life. Built with Maytag Commercial Technology components including a high-performance motor and 5 rib belt. The 7.3 cu. ft. high-efficiency dryer offers Maytag's best drying performance with the Advanced Moisture Sensing system that helps evenly dry large, heavy loads and reduces the risk of shrinking while the Auto Refresh cycle helps relax wrinkles and uses steam to refresh clothes. Why do we put so much thought into your laundry? So you don't have to.

Evenly Dries Your Largest Loads
Advanced Moisture Sensing provides even drying for your large loads. Based on testing of an 18-lb load.

Maytag Commercial Technology on Bravos XL
Every Maytag Bravos XL dryer features long-lasting, commercial-grade components for your home. MCT components found in all Bravos XL dryers include a durable high-performance motor and a 5-rib dryer belt.

Advanced Moisture Sensing
These high-efficiency dryers use Advanced Moisture Sensing technology to save money, evenly dry loads and virtually eliminate overdrying and shrinking. Incoming and outgoing temperatures and moisture levels are monitored using three sensors and moisture strips.

Enhanced Airflow Monitor
These dryers are capable of venting straight for up to 100 feet. The enhanced Airflow Monitor checks for any restrictions of airflow at the start of every cycle, then provides a convenient visual display of the dryer's venting performance.

100-foot Vent Length for Flexible Venting
The extended length and 4 exhaust connection options provide increased installation flexibility.

Auto Refresh Steam Cycle
Smooth out wrinkles and reduce odors in as little as 15 minutes. A fine mist is sprayed into the heated dryer drum as it tumbles to create steam. The cycle ends with a brief cool down period.

High-Efficiency Dryer
With Advanced Moisture Sensing technology, this high-efficiency dryer saves nearly 40% of the energy* by stopping clothes when they're dry and not prolonging the cycle, delivering optimal efficiency. That equates to over $1,000 in energy savings over the course of its lifetime**. *Compared to pre-2004 traditional electric dryers. **Compared to traditional dryers, electric models only, based on average use, 12-year average life, when paired with a Bravos XL washer.

7.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity
7.3 cu. ft. capacity provides enough space to evenly dry your large loads.

Wrinkle Prevent With Steam Option
This option provides intermittent tumbling at the end of the cycle and is further enhanced with a fine mist of water that combines with heat to create steam and help reduce wrinkles.

Direct Y-Connector Water Hook-Up
A Y-connector delivers water from the cold water inlet directly to the dryer. It eliminates the need to fill a reservoir in dryers that feature steam-enhanced cycles.

Shipping Weight: 150 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight

Configuration and Overview
  • Dryer Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Capacity: 7.3 Cu. Ft.

    Energy and Resource Savings
  • Moisture Sensor: IntelliDry Sensor

    Style and Extras
  • Drum Light: Selectable and Automatic Interior Drum Light
  • Reversible Door: Reversible Side-Swing Door

    Cycle and Options
  • Number of Cycles: 11
  • Height 45-1/8"
  • Depth 29-1/4"
  • Width 29"