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CVA2650 Miele Built-in Capsule Coffee System

CVA2650 Miele Built-in Capsule Coffee System
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The CVA2650 is Miele’s coffee system measuring 50cm in width. This unit can be installed in a variety of cabinets, upper or custom, or can be integrated into an existing environment with great ease using a sitting or hanging housing unit. With no special plumbing or electrical connections required, the unit can be installed virtually anywhere in your home!

The CVA 2650 uses individual capsules, each containing just enough precision-ground coffee to brew one perfect cup. The coffee in each capsule is hermetically sealed right after grinding to preserve all its flavor and aroma for months. Hot water from a high-pressure pump inside the Miele CVA 2650 unleashes all the intense aromas and coffee flavor of the bean, creating a rich coffee experience with every cup, topped with this unique system's thick cream.

• Nespresso® capsule coffee system
• Door hinged left / concealed handle
• Patented brewing unit
• Removable capsule carousel
20 coffee capsule capacity
• 5 individual capsule chambers
• 4 custom user profiles can be programmed to
accommodate different preferences and serving sizes
• Automatic rinse and cleaning programs
• Large-capacity used-capsule container (up to 25 capsules)
• 1.6 quart (1.5 liter) water reservoir
• Water volume dispensed is adjustable, per cup size
• Four programmable cup sizes:
• Espresso
• Double espresso
• Coffee
• Double coffee
• Water hardness setting
• LED illumination of work area
• Dispensing spout
• Hot water preparation
• Unique cappuccinatore jug for frothing milk
• Safety lock
• Multi-lingual LCD display, 15 languages
• Stand-by function
• Delay start / stop function
• Fault diagnosis
• Width: 19.69" (50cm)
• The Grand Cru blends of Nespresso®
• Replenishment of Nespresso® capsules
• Complimentary Welcome Gift Box

Accessories included:
• Cleaning agent
• 2 espresso cups and saucers
• 2 cappuccino cups and saucers

Stainless Steel Nespresso® Coffee System available in Decorative Gift Box -
complete with CVSG50 Sitting Housing - Model CVA2650ST

Specifications/Dimensions-Cut Sheets (PDF Format)

Shipping Weight: 100 lb
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight

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