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Miele Customized Cooking Surfaces

Miele Customized Cooking Surfaces
One of the most difficult decisions when selecting a cooking surface is what type to use. Should it be electric or gas? Glass or steel? With the Miele CombiSet program, you can have it all.
The modular design lets you pick and choose which surfaces to cook with. Some recipes work better over gas, while for others, a deep fryer would be more appropriate. Each unit has the identical width and depth, so they combine easily to form a single, uniform surface. This allows you to design a cooking surface with units positioned exactly where you want them to be. The units can also be sintalled individually; letting you place burners anywhere in the kitchen.
The Miele CombiSet program offers several different units for each both gas or electrical connections. Using a gas unit doesn't mean all the other units need to be gas as well. CombiSets offer convenience and versatility. You can choose a gas burner cooktop, and electric barbecue and an electric deep fryer and install them right next to each other. Miele even offers a down draft ventilation unit that integrates with the CombiSets to extract odors and grease. The modular design of CombiSets makes any combination a snap.

Miele CombiSetsCS1112E Miele 12'' Ceramic Electric Double Burner
CS1122E Miele 15'' Ceramic Electric Double Burner
CS1012 Miele 12'' Double Gas Burner
CS1011 Miele 12'' Wok Burner
CS1028 Miele 15'' Wok Burner
CS1221i Miele 15'' Induction Combiset
CS1326Y Miele 15'' Electric Tepan Yaki Combiset
CS1411F Miele 12'' Electric Boiler & Fryer
CS1312BG Miele 12" Electric Barbeque
CS1322BG Miele 15" Electric Barbecue