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NGM5624UC Bosch 36'' 500 Series Gas White Cooktop

NGM5624UC Bosch 36'' 500 Series Gas White Cooktop

Also available in:

Stainless Steel Black


500 Series Gas Cooktop Appearance
  • 36" 5 Burner Gas Cooktop
  • Continuous Cast Iron Grates
  • Centralized Front Controls

    500 Series Gas Cooktop Performance

    OPTISIM® Burner
  • Provides excellent simmering as low as 400 BTU. Perfect for the most delicate liquids and sauces.

    Automatic Re-Ignition
  • Automatic Re-Ignition - In Case Flame Goes Out the Burner is Automatically Re-Ignited.

  • 16,000 BTU Center Burner

    500 Series Gas Cooktop Convenience

    Recessed Surface
  • Containing spills and boil-overs is important in a high-end cooktop. Ours is designed to do just that. The steel top forms a slight basin that's lower than your countertop in which the burners sit. Therefore, spills are contained and don't run-over on your counters.

    5 Sealed Burners
  • All burners are sealed to prevent accidental spills from getting to places that are hard to clean.

    Shipping Weight: 70 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight

  • Energy input: Gas
  • Total number of burners / elements that can be used at the same time: 6
  • Number of gas burners: 6
  • Number of electric cooking zones: 0
  • Number of induction elements: 0
  • Gas type: Natural gas 15 mbar (USA)
  • Alternative gas type: Liquid gas 27,5 mbar (USA)
  • Electrical connection rating (W): 1,800 W
  • Current (A): 15 A
  • Voltage (V): 120 V
  • Frequency (Hz): 60 Hz
  • Approval certificates: CSA
  • Plug type: 120V-3 prong
  • Overall Dimensions
  • Width: 37"
  • Depth: 21 1/4"
  • Height: 3 13/16"