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Northland Refrigerators

Your dream for your kitchen is as unique and individual as you are. From the style and color to the furnishings and appliances, you want a room that is beautiful and functional. Northland can help make your dream kitchen a reality. Their expansive line of integrated refrigeration is never mass produced and always made just for you. Whether you need to store a gallon of milk or a vintage bottle of Bordeaux, you can choose from their vast array of options and nearly endless combinations.

Northland 72'' All Refrigerator/Freezer with White Interior
72SS-S Northland 72" All Refrigerator/Freezer with Stainless Steel Interior
60SS-W Northland 60" Refrigerator/Freezer with White Interior
60SS-S Northland 60" Refrigerator/Freezer with Stainless Steel Interior
Northland gives the designer flexibility
to design refrigerated storage that provides
the common sense storage capacities