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You've never been one to go halfway on anything. Especially when you're putting the finishing touches on a dream. That's where Perlick comes in. This line of products has been specifically engineered to fit the unique expression you've built into your surroundings. Quality, durability, innovative thinking. That's how Perlick delivers the conveniences you always wanted in ways you've never dreamed possible. Since its inception in 1917, the Perlick Corporation has evolved into the premier supplier of Bar and Beverage Dispensing equipment in the industry. Perlick equipment can be found in restaurant chains, hotels, stadiums, theme parks and breweries worldwide.

Perlick 24'' Bar ModulesHWL Perlick Liquor Shelf
HWC Perlick Cocktail Center
HWB Perlick Blender Station
HWCB Perlick Cocktail Center With 23.5" Dry Underbar Base
HWBB Perlick Blender Station With 23.5" Dry Underbar Base
HWLB Perlick Liquor Shelf With 23.5" Dry Underbar Base