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R320HW Sharp 1.2 cu. ft. Mid Size White Microwave Oven

R320HW Sharp 1.2 cu. ft. Mid Size White Microwave Oven


Smart & Easy™ Sensor Settings for 8 most popular microwave foods, and sensor reheat for all pre-cooked foods. No need to set times or power levels - eliminates guesswork!

Interactive Cooking System with Custom Help™ provides an easy way to "customize" the oven to individual needs. -Includes options for English, Spanish, and French.

Popcorn Sensor pops microwave popcorn automatically - regardless of package size or brand.

Instant Action™ Keys make microwaving easy! Touch once for each serving - up to six. Oven starts automatically.

Defrost Center quickly defrosts meats and poultry by weight. Specific program for each category assures excellent, even results

Minute Plus sets the oven at High with a single touch.

7-Digit, 2-Color Lighted Display includes word prompts.

Time of Day Clock is convenient and easy to set.

Specifications: Capacity (cu.ft.) 1.2 Wattage 1200 Watts

• White: R-320HW
• Black: R-320HK
• Bisque: R-320HQ

Outside Dimensions (w x h x d): 20 1/2" x 12 1/4" x 17 1/4"

• Automatic Settings 17
• Turntable Diameter 12 5/8"
• Defrost Options 4
• Display Type 7-Digit, 2-Color Lighted

Shipping Weight: 40 lb
Shipping Method: UPS