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RA2836SQB-WM-1 36" Wall Mount Hood Stainless Steel

RA2836SQB-WM-1 36" Wall Mount Hood Stainless Steel
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  • At 280 CFM for 30" or 300 CFM for 36", this unique feature allows the KOBE range hood to operate at a reduced sound level of 40 decibels (1.0 sone). Other hoods operate between 6 to 8 sones at a comparable cfm level.
Powerful Motor
  • 30" Low Speed 280 cfm (1.0 sone)
  • 30" High Speed 680 cfm (5.0 sones)
  • 36" Low Speed 300 cfm (1.0 sone)
  • 36" High Speed 750 cfm (5.6 sones)
Exhaust Duct
  • Top - 6" Round
Attractive Appearance
  • The body of the hood is concealed inside the cabinets, and all you see is a slim 1-3/4 inch trim.
Three Speed Controls
  • Simple four-switch system - On/Off switch, Low/High Speed switch, QuietMode™ switch and a Light switch.
  • Energy saving and high efficiency LED lights
Easy to Clean
  • KOBE's unique design, which includes easy to empty catch areas and smooth hood surface, lets you clean the fans without disassembling the hood.
Baffle Filters
  • This hood includes 2 baffle filters to catch oil and grease. Remove baffle filters by the sliding the knob and insert it into top rack dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Parts are checked for defects and designed for trouble free long term use.
Easy to Install
  • Our special design makes installation fast and easy.
  • 30" and 36"
  • 18-Gauge Commercial Grade Stainless Steel
Optional Accessories
  • 30" Stainless Steel Back Splash (SSP30) and 36" Stainless Steel Back Splash (SSP36) can be purchased separately.
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  • W x D x H - 35-3/4" x 19-5/8" x 2"