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RNCT365B Dacor Renaissance 36" Black Induction Cooktop with 5 Elements

RNCT365B Dacor Renaissance 36" Black Induction Cooktop with 5 Elements
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Renaissance Induction Cooktop
With today's modern kitchen consuming as much as 40% of all household energy, the earth-friendly Renaissance 36" and 30" Induction Cooktops by DACOR cook with over 90% energy efficiency, making induction the fastest and most energy efficient form of cooking on the planet today.

The Renaissance 36" and 30" Induction Cooktops are the perfect blend of sophisticated styling, advanced engineering and quality craftsmanship. The Induction Cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate iron molecules in the cookware to heat the cooking vessel. Each induction element, hidden below the ceramic-glass surface, heats pots and pans quickly and consistently with precise control.

The SenseTech Induction Technology automatically detects the presence and size of your cookware and matches energy transference with no residual heat loss, keeping cookware handles and the kitchen cooler. Unlike traditional cooking surfaces that heat up and stay hot long after the meal has been prepared, the glass-ceramic surface of the Induction cooktop retains only the lingering heat from the cookware and that heat dissipates rapidly when the pan is removed.

RNCT365 - Zone Wattage/with Power Boost Wattage
  • Two - 8" Element Zones - 1,850W/2,500W
  • One - 11" Element Zone - 2,400W/3,700W
  • One - 7" Element Zone - 1,400W/1,800W
  • One - 9" Element Zone - 2,300W/3,200W

  • Electrical: 240 V, 50 A (RNCT365) / 240 V, 40 A (RNCT304)

  • One year parts and labor
  • Product Dimensions
  • Product Width: 36"
  • Product Depth: 21"
  • Product Height: 3-7/8"