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ROHL Handshower & Accessories

C494 ROHL Wall Mount Handshower Holder
523 ROHL 2-Way Outlet Diverter
RPBV2 ROHL Remote Pressure Balance Valve
I00124 ROHL Ocean4 Matching Twin Body Spray with 10 Jets
2506 ROHL Body Spray
1095/8 ROHL Multi-Function Body Spray
C5056.2 ROHL 7 1/18" Wall Mount Shower Arm
1030 ROHL 7 1/2" Shower Arm
1410/16 ROHL Modern Square Wall Mount Shower Arm
H08000 ROHL Decorative Wall Mount Shower Arm
R2010 ROHL 6" Wall Mount Modern Shower Arm
1140/5 ROHL 6 9/16" Wall Shower Arm
1440/6 ROHL 6 9/16" Wall Shower Arm
1440/8 ROHL 8 7/16" Wall Shower Arm
1120 ROHL 20" Wall Mount Shower Arm
1120/12 ROHL 12" Wall Mount Shower Arm
1455/6 ROHL 6" Shower Arm
1455/12 ROHL 12" Shower Arm
1455/20 ROHL 20" Shower Arm
1475/12 ROHL Wall Mount Hook Shower Arm
1580 ROHL Wall Mount "Hi-Arc" Swiveling Shower Arm
1550 ROHL Riser with Diverter for Exposed Mixers Only
1505/6 ROHL 6 11/16" Ceiling Shower Arm
1505/12 ROHL 12 5/8" Ceiling Shower Arm
1505/24 ROHL 24 7/16" Ceiling Shower Arm
1510/16 ROHL Modern Square Celing Mount Shower Arm
U.5580 ROHL 26" Rainbar
B204 ROHL Single-Function Handshower
1105/8 ROHL Palladian Single Function Handshower
1100/8 ROHL Single-Function Handshower w/ White Resin Handle
1101/8 ROHL Single-Function Handshower w/ Brass Handle
1151/8 ROHL 3-Function Classic Handshower
1150/8 ROHL 3-Function Classic Handshower w/ White Resin Handle
1130 ROHL Single-Function Handshower
B240HSO ROHL 3-Function Master-Flow Handshower
B00043 ROHL 3-Function Max-Flow Handshower
B00055 ROHL 5-Function Value-Slow Handshower
B00102 ROHL Ocean4 4-Function Handshower
B00151 ROHL 3-Function Rain-Slow Handshower
U.5386LS ROHL Deck Mounted Handshower w/ Hose & Escutcheon
U.5386 ROHL Deck Mounted Handshower w/ Hose & Escutcheon
U.5387LS ROHL Inclined Handshower and Hose
U.5387 ROHL Inclined Handshower and Hose
A40/1 ROHL Metal Hose Assembly
16295 ROHL Metal Hose Assembly 59"
16295/79 ROHL Metal Hose Assembly 79"
1295 ROHL Handshower Wall Outlet
E824 ROHL Handshower Wall Outlet
1690 ROHL Handshower Wall Outlet
C21000 ROHL Handshower Outlet and Handshower Holder
U.5389 ROHL Swivel Outlet & Connector for Exposed Shower Valves
U.5546 ROHL Wall Outlet for Handshower
U.5540 ROHL 24" Sliding Rail
U.5544 ROHL Handshower Parking Bracket