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Sanyo Microwave Ovens

Sanyo Microwave Ovens
Microwave ovens, by their very nature, are a faster, easier way to cook than traditional electric or gas ovens and stoves. But what makes one microwave better than another? Features. And SANYO microwaves offer some of the best feature packages available. It was SANYO that introduced Super Showerwave embossed technology, the boomerang auto-return turntable, and menu match cooking. This year, we've added even more great advancements like a recessed turntable, sensor cooking and reheating, word prompts, and two course programmed defrosting.

EM-S9515W Sanyo 1.4 cu.ft. White Microwave Oven
EM-S6588S Sanyo Black with Stainless Front Mid-Size Microwave Oven
EM-S5120W Sanyo White Mid-Size Microwave Oven
EM-C6786V Sanyo Microwave Oven with Convection and Grill
EM-S2588B Sanyo Black Compact Microwave Oven
EM-S2588W Sanyo White Compact Microwave Oven