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Sanyo Refrigerators

Sanyo Refrigerators
Compact Size, Large Value. Sanyo Refrigerators and Freezers Refrigerators Sized for a Variety of Applications. SANYO is the leading manufacturer of smaller-sized refrigerators and freezers in North America. Popularly-featured units are designed for today's varied lifestyles.SANYO refrigerators are ideal for dorms, smaller homes, condominiums, and apartments. They're also great in the rec room, den, office, wet bar, patio, or anywhere else beverages, produce, and other cold food items need to be stored. Counter-high and apartment-size models have a cold-storage capacity range of 3.6 cu. ft. to 10.3 cu. ft. Cube and mid-size models range in size from 1.7 cu. ft. to 2.9 cu. ft.

SR-2410K Sanyo 2.4 cu.ft. Counter-High Black Refrigerator
SR-3770S Sanyo 3.7 cu.ft. Counter-High Refrigerator
SR-4310W Sanyo 4.3 cu.ft. Counter-High Refrigerator
SR-4912M Sanyo 4.9 cu.ft. Counter-High Refrigerator with Platinum Door
SR-5600W Sanyo 5.6 cu.ft. Counter-High White Refrigerator
SR-A1780 Sanyo 1.7 Cu.Ft Cube Refrigerator
SR-A2480 Sanyo 2.4 Cu.Ft. Mid-Size Refrigerator
SR-3620W Sanyo 3.6 cu.ft. White Counter-High Refrigerator
SR-3620K Sanyo 3.6 cu.ft. Black Counter-High Refrigerator
SR-368W Sanyo 3.6 cu.ft. White Counter-High Refrigerator
SR-368K Sanyo 3.6 cu.ft. Black Counter-High Refrigerator
SR-4800W Sanyo 4.8 cu. ft. Apartment-Size White Refrigerator
SR-1031S Sanyo Frost-Free Black Apartment-Size
Refrigerator and Freezer with Stainless Door

SR-1031W Sanyo Frost-Free White Apartment-Size Refrigerator and Freezer