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They make one thing crystal clear...Ice. And with a Scotsman Ice Machine you can, too.
You'll never have to settle for cloudy ice or that refrigerator taste again. Scotsman, the leading maker of commercial ice machines, also makes the finest ice machines for your home. So now you can have the same crystal clear ice you get at your favorite restaurant or bar, right in your own home. Scotsman's unique ice forming process makes perfect gourmet ice cubes. They are completely taste and odor free, slow melting and won't stick together. The compact, 15-inch wide design is ideal for a built-in. It's great under a counter, or anywhere else you want a ready supply of ice. Available in a new all-white design, or you can add your own custom panels to the full length door.

Scotsman Ice MakersScotsman Nugget Ice Machines
Scotsman Gourmet Ice Machines
Scotsman RefrigerationSCR33-1BA Scotsman Companion 15" Compact 3.0 Cu. Ft. Black Refrigerator
SCV32-1SD Scotsman 15" Stainless Steel Wine Cooler with Top Bar Handle