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SRT484DG Wolf 48'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with Double Griddle

SRT484DG Wolf 48'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with Double Griddle


There’s good reason why professional chefs choose gas cooking; control. The patented, dual-stacked sealed gas burners of our Sealed Burner Rangetop take control to a new level. Two levels, really. The upper-tier ports deliver maximum heat transfer at higher settings; the lower-tier continuous flame ably handles the subtleties of simmering and melting.

  • Dual-stacked, sealed surface burners, all with simmer capabilities and automatic reignition at all settings
  • Classic stainless steel exterior finish with island trim
  • Choose black knobs, or let everyone know it's a Wolf with our distinctive red knobs
  • Platinum bezels surround all knobs-chrome or brass bezels optional
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron continuous top grates
  • 15,000 Btu/hr (4.4 kW) burners with 950 Btu/hr (.3 kW) delivered at simmer
  • 9,200 Btu/hr (2.7 kW) burner with 325 Btu/hr (.1 kW) delivered at simmer and melt

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    Shipping Weight: 280 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight

    We Sell and Ship Wolf Appliances to
    Residencies within Southern California Only.