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UM120S5MP ILVE 48" Majestic Dual Fuel 5 Burner Range With Coup De Feu

UM120S5MP ILVE 48" Majestic Dual Fuel 5 Burner Range With Coup De Feu
UM120S5MP ILVE 48" Majestic Dual Fuel 5 Burner Range With Coup De FeuUM120S5MP ILVE 48" Majestic Dual Fuel 5 Burner Range With Coup De Feu
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Defrost Function and Quick Start
  • Defrosting of frozen food is accelerated by means of fan driven air circulation
  • The advantage of defrosting at room temperature is that it does not alter the taste and appearance of the food

    Convection Oven
  • This provides a more even heat than a conventional oven and food is "sealed" very quickly
  • Preheating is generally unnecessary
  • As there is no top or bottom heat the whole area of the oven can be utilized
  • This setting is ideal for batch baking or cooking a complete meal

    Convection Bake
  • A fast intensive form of cooking, suitable for a variety of dishes
  • It replaces the spit and can be used for baked fish, braised vegetables, kebabs, roast chicken, duck etc.

    Convection Broil
  • An energy-saving method for deep cooking
  • Suitable for chops, sausages, kebabs etc.

  • Suitable for roast meats in general e.g. fillet steak, grilled fish and vegetables
  • And also for cooking "au gratin" e.g. cauliflower cheese

    Upper Element
  • Especially suitable for browning and to add the finishing touches of colour to different dishes
  • We suggest this setting when browning lasagna, melting cheese toppings etc.

    Lower Element
  • As the heat comes from the lower element, this setting is particularly suitable for pastry and cakes e.g. flans, pizzas, biscuits, fruit cakes etc.

  • This operates like a conventional electric oven and can be used accordingly
  • Suitable for pork, chops, sausage, game, roast veal, meringues and biscuits, baked fruit, etc.

    Heat-Insulated Door
  • 3 special glasses keep the heat inside the oven allowing the temperature on the outer glass to remain low
  • Internal glasses and door can be easily removed for cleaning

  • It is obtained through the use of high-density glass-wool panels All this has been studied to guarantee uniformity of temperature and energy saving

    Class A for performance and consumption (according to European standards)
  • The design solutions that characterize the ovens are now extended to the whole range
  • This is demonstrated by the Energy Label, the European standard introduced in January 2003, which classifies ovens according to their energy consumption

    Electronic Ignition included in the knobs
  • Just press a knob and the burner will light up

    Semi Sealed Brass Burners
  • Semi Sealed Burners allow for precise gas adjustment during installation while keeping spilled foods where they belong... on the cook top for easy cleaning.

    Multi-Gas Burners
  • With stabilized flame, they eliminated eventual flame extinctions due to draught or liquid overflow
  • Enameled grilles
  • Includes 1 triple ring burner, 2 big burners, small burner and fish burner
  • Enameled removable burner cup for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy cast iron grates

    Flame Failure Safety Device
  • All gas burners are equipped with a Flame Failure Safety Device. If the flame is extinguished, the gas supply will turn off automatically.

    Warming Drawer
  • Ideal for warming plates when the oven is in use

    Detail of the Rounded Top
  • Besides giving a pleasant new appearance, it compensates the difference in depth between the kitchen units and the cooker, thus avoiding an impact between the two depths

    The following accessories must be installed at the factory. They cannot be ordered later.
  • Handrail and Continuous Clean Oven Panels
  • Oven Features
  • Large Oven: Maxi-Oven 90
  • Second Oven: Mini Oven 30
  • Multi-Function Oven (8 mode): Maxi-Oven 90
  • Total Oven Wattage Rating: 3,700W and 1,850W
  • Convection Oven: Maxi Oven 90
  • Rotisserie: Both Ovens
  • Rotisserie Broil (Wattage): 2,400/1,630
  • Number of Racks in Oven: 2 + 2
  • European Energy Classification: (A) Highest Rating
  • Multi-Function Oven Minimum Temperature Setting: 75 Degrees

    Oven Modes (Maxi-Oven 90)
  • Defrost and Quick Start: Yes
  • Convection only: Yes
  • Convection Bake : Yes
  • Convection Broil : Yes
  • Grill-Baking or Broiler: Yes
  • Upper Element Only : Yes
  • Lower Element Only : Yes
  • Bake - Upper and Lower Element: Yes
  • Oven Temperature Range: 75-525 Degrees

    Oven Modes (Mini Oven 30)
  • Grill-Baking or Broiler: Yes
  • Upper Element Only: Yes
  • Lower Element Only: Yes
  • Bake - Upper and Lower Element: Yes
  • Oven Temperature Range: 200-525 Degrees

    Technical Characteristics
  • Cast Iron Grates: Yes
  • Enamelled Removable Burner Cup: Yes
  • Electronic Ignition: Yes
  • Triple Ring Burner: (2) 15,500 BTU
  • Big Burner: (3) 10,500 BTU
  • Small Burner: (1) 7,000 BTU
  • Gas Fry-Top Burner (Griddle): Available
  • Narrow Fish Burner: 10,500 BTU
  • Flame Failure Safety: Included
  • Warming Drawer: Yes
  • Back guard: Yes (2 3/8")
  • Required Power (Amps): 40
  • Overall Width: 47 7/8"
  • Overall Depth: 27 9/16"
  • Overall Height: 35 13/16- 36 3/16"
  • Back Guard Height: 2 3/8"
  • Maxi-Oven 90 Interior Width: 25 3/16"
  • Maxi-Oven 90 Interior Depth: 13 3/4"
  • Maxi-Oven 90 Interior Height: 17 11/16"
  • Mini Oven 30 Interior Width: 10 1/4"
  • Mini Oven 30 Interior Depth: 13 3/4"
  • Mini Oven 30 Interior Height: 17 11/16"