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UM90FMP ILVE 36" Majestic Dual Fuel 4 Burner Range With Fry-Top

UM90FMP ILVE 36" Majestic Dual Fuel 4 Burner Range With Fry-Top
UM90FMP ILVE 36" Majestic Dual Fuel 4 Burner Range With Fry-TopUM90FMP ILVE 36" Majestic Dual Fuel 4 Burner Range With Fry-Top
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Sale price: $6,999.00
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Available Colors:  Available Trim:  Decorative Scroll Feet (1 pair):  Cast Iron Steak Pan:  304 Stainless Steel Bar B Que Grill:  Cover for Fry Top:  Chopping Board:  Steam Cooker (2 Stainless Steel Basins):  Bain-Marie (3 Stainless Steel Basins): 


  • Defrost Function and Quick Start
  • Defrosting of frozen food is accelerated by means of fan driven air circulation
  • The advantage of defrosting at room temperature is that it does not alter the taste and appearance of the food

  • Convection Oven
  • This provides a more even heat than a conventional oven and food is "sealed" very quickly
  • Preheating is generally unnecessary
  • As there is no top or bottom heat the whole area of the oven can be utilized
  • This setting is ideal for batch baking or cooking a complete meal

  • Convection Bake
  • A fast intensive form of cooking, suitable for a variety of dishes
  • It replaces the spit and can be used for baked fish, braised vegetables, kebabs, roast chicken, duck etc.

  • Convection Broil
  • An energy-saving method for deep cooking
  • Suitable for chops, sausages, kebabs etc.

  • Grill-baking
  • Suitable for roast meats in general e.g. fillet steak, grilled fish and vegetables
  • And also for cooking "au gratin" e.g. cauliflower cheese

  • Upper Element
  • Especially suitable for browning and to add the finishing touches of colour to different dishes
  • We suggest this setting when browning lasagna, melting cheese toppings etc.

  • Lower Element
  • As the heat comes from the lower element, this setting is particularly suitable for pastry and cakes e.g. flans, pizzas, biscuits, fruit cakes etc.

  • Bake
  • This operates like a conventional electric oven and can be used accordingly
  • Suitable for pork, chops, sausage, game, roast veal, meringues and biscuits, baked fruit, etc.

  • Heat-Insulated Door
  • 3 special glasses keep the heat inside the oven allowing the temperature on the outer glass to remain low
  • Internal glasses and door can be easily removed for cleaning

  • Insulation
  • It is obtained through the use of high-density glass-wool panels
  • All this has been studied to guarantee uniformity of temperature and energy saving

  • Class A for performance and consumption (according to European standards)
  • The design solutions that characterize the ovens are now extended to the whole range
  • This is demonstrated by the Energy Label, the European standard introduced in January 2003, which classifies ovens according to their energy consumption

  • Electronic Ignition included in the knobs
  • Just press a knob and the burner will light up

  • Semi Sealed Brass Burners
  • Semi Sealed Burners allow for precise gas adjustment during installation while keeping spilled foods where they belong... on the cook top for easy cleaning.

  • Multi-Gas Burners
  • With stabilized flame, they eliminated eventual flame extinctions due to draught or liquid overflow
  • Enameled grilles
  • Includes 1 triple ring burner, 2 big burners, small burner and fish burner
  • Enameled removable burner cup for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy cast iron grates

  • Flame Failure Safety Device
  • All gas burners are equipped with a Flame Failure Safety Device. If the flame is extinguished, the gas supply will turn off automatically.

  • Warming Drawer
  • Ideal for warming plates when the oven is in use

  • Detail of the Rounded Top
  • Besides giving a pleasant new appearance, it compensates the difference in depth between the kitchen units and the cooker, thus avoiding an impact between the two depths

  • The following accessories must be installed at the factory. They cannot be ordered later.
  •  Nostalgic Handrail and Continuous Clean Oven Panels
  • Oven Features
  • Large Oven: Maxi-Oven 90
  • Second Oven: N/A
  • Large Oven Cubic Feet: 3.55
  • Second Oven Cubic Feet: N/A
  • Multi-Function Oven (8 mode): Maxi-Oven 90
  • Total Oven Wattage Rating: 3,700W
  • Convection Oven: Maxi-Oven 90
  • Rotisserie: Maxi-Oven 90
  • Rotisserie Broil (Wattage): 2,400
  • Number of Racks in Oven: 2
  • European Energy Classification: (A) Highest Rating
  • Multi-Function Oven Minimum Temperature Setting: 75 Degrees

    Oven Modes (Maxi-Oven 90)
  • Defrost: Yes
  • Convection (Fan Element Only): Yes
  • Convection Bake (Fan on, with Upper and Lower Element): Yes
  • Convection Broil (Fan on with Upper Broiler): Yes
  • Grill-Baking or Broiler: Yes
  • Upper Element Only (Browning or Melting Cheeses): Yes
  • Lower Element Only (Pastry, Cakes, Flans, Pizza): Yes
  • Bake - Upper and Lower Element: Yes
  • Oven Temperature Range: 75-525 Degrees

    Technical Characteristics
  • Cast Iron Grates: Yes
  • Enamlled Removable Burner Cup: Yes
  • Electronic Ignition: Yes
  • Triple Ring Burner: (2) 15,500 BTU
  • Big Burner: (3) 10,500 BTU
  • Small Burner: (1) 7,000 BTU
  • Gas Fry-Top Burner (Griddle): Optional
  • Fish Burner: 10,500 BTU
  • Flame Failure Safety Device: Included
  • Warming Drawer: Yes
  • Back Guard: Yes (2 3/8")
  • Required Power (Amps): 30
  • Overall Width: 35 7/8"
  • Overall Depth: 27 9/16"
  • Overall Height: 35 13/16 - 36 3/16"
  • Back Guard Height: 2 3/8"