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VCWB300F Viking 30" Full-Height Wine Cellar - Stainless Steel

VCWB300F Viking 30" Full-Height Wine Cellar - Stainless Steel
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Door Style:  Brass Finish:  Side Panels:  Top Panel Kits: 


TriTemp™ Storage System
  • TriTemp™ storage system provides three independent temperature zones to preserve wines at optimal serving temperatures.

    Flexible Storage Options
  • Easily preserve up to 150 bottles that vary in size from standard, magnum and half size with our Flexible Storage Options.

    Two Convertible Display Shelves
  • Flexible shelves adjust to your choice of display, allowing bottles to settle upon two convertible display shelves that are exclusive to our full-height cellars.

    Low-Intensity Lighting
  • Dramatically display your wine collection in its best light with low-intensity interior lighting.

    UV-Resistant Tempered Glass
  • Shield your valuable collection from harmful light with UV-Resistant Tempered Glass.

    High Temperature and Open-Door Alarms
  • When you're out, leave your wine and cares behind with our temperature and open-door alarms that can connect to your home security system.

    Shipping Weight: 200 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight
    We Sell and Ship Viking Appliances to
    residencies within Southern California Only.