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VDSC4874QSS Viking 48" Dual-Fuel Stainless Steel Range with 4 Burners & Grill

VDSC4874QSS Viking 48" Dual-Fuel Stainless Steel Range with 4 Burners & Grill
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The exclusive patented VSH™ pro sealed burner system is specifically engineered to provide superior cooking performance from a gentle VariSimmer™ setting to a high of 15,000 BTUs. In addition, the exclusive porcelainized one-piece top features raised edges around the perimeter to contain spills and provide a completely sealed cooking surface. The self-cleaning electric oven offers multiple conventional and convection settings, including TruConvec™ cooking.

Backguards - one required with each range

Commercial-Type Cooking Power:
Exclusive VSH™ (VariSimmer-to-high) Sealed Burner System
Combination of unique burner (patent pending) and surface design provides cleanability plus superior performance at any temperature setting
Brass surface burners with electric spark ignition accommodate an infinite range of settings
VariSimmer™ setting, found on each surface burner, provides gentle, even heat across the entire cooking vessel surface
Automatic electric spark re-ignition; surface burners light at any position on the knob and re-light if extinguished, even on lowest setting
Large-capacity ovens with multiple rack positions (see specifications for oven interior dimensions)
Professional features of the 48" wide right oven:
• Convection two-element baking with fan-forced air
• Convection broiling with large 8-pass element, reflector, and fan-forced air
• TruConvec™ cooking using only convection element in rear and fan-forced air (no direct heat from bottom or top)
• Convection dehydrating with low heat and fan-forced air
• Convection defrosting with fan-forced air only – no heat
• Conventional two-element baking
• Conventional broiling with reflector
• Maxi-Broil uses full eight passes for complete coverage of larger quantities of food
• Mini-Broil uses four passes to conserve energy for smaller quantities of food
All convection modes utilize the ProFlow™ Convection Air Baffle, which is specifically designed to ensure balanced airflow for even heat distribution
Heavy-duty, porcelain broiler pan/grid
Two oven lights with control panel switch
Oven “on” indicator light
Self-clean indicator light
Commercial-style bezels around control panel knobs

Safe, Easy Operation:
Large, easy-to-read knobs with childproof, push-to-turn safety feature
Heavy-duty oven door handle
Automatic electric spark ignition – no standing pilot to re-light, waste energy, or add extra heat to the kitchen
Heavy-duty, porcelainized, cast-iron, removable surface burner grates
Heavy-duty, porcelainized, cast-iron center grate provides continuous surface for easy movement of pots
Stainless steel landing ledge with solid, welded, seamless finish
High-density insulation contains heat within the oven cavity for maximum energy savings and performance

Right oven - large self-clean convection oven
• Overall 23" W. x 16 1/8" H. x 18 3/4" D. - 4.0 cubic feet
• AHAM Standard 23" W. x 16 1/8" H. x 15 3/8" D. - 3.3 cubic feet
• three heavy-duty racks/six positions; two lights

Left oven - self-clean oven
• Overall 12 1/8" W. x 16 1/8" H. x 18 3/4" D. - 2.1 cubic feet
• AHAM Standard 12 1/8" W. x 16 1/8" H. x 17 1/4" D. - 2.0 cubic feet

Stainless Steel (SS)

Metallic Silver (MS)

Graphite Gray (GG)

Stone Gray (SG)

Taupe (TP)

Biscuit (BT)

Oyster Gray (OG)

White (WH)

Cotton White (CW)

Sage (SA)

Mint Julep (MJ)

Sea Glass (SE)

Iridescent Blue (IB)

Viking Blue (VB)

Cobalt Blue (CB)

Pumpkin (PM)

Golden Mist (GM)

Lemonade (LE)

Racing Red (RR)

Apple Red (AR)

Burgundy (BU)

Black (BK)

Plum (PL)

Chocolate (CH)