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VDSC530T4BWH Viking 30" Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range - White

VDSC530T4BWH Viking 30" Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range - White
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Gas Type:  Optional Backguard:  Side Trim:  Curb Base:  Rear Trim:  LP Conversion Kit:  Knob Kit:  Full Extension Rack: 


P30TII-SS 30"W Island Trim Backguard (shipped standard with VDSC530T ranges)

Commercial-Type Cooking Power
  • New! - Custom designed electronic controller and digital display combine professional cooking features with the sleek styling and design.
  • Additional features and functions associated with new custom designed electronic controls.
  • Digital Clock - digital clock can be displayed when range is not in use or can be set to disappear when not in use.
  • AutoRoast - automatically sears the outside of meats and then returns to the pre-set temperature in the standard Convection Roast mode, perfectly cooking meats to lock in juices and flavor.
  • Meat probe - monitors baking/roasting of fine meats so you never have to worry about undercooking.
  • Timed bake - set the oven to begin cooking up to 24 hours later and then drop into a 150°F HOLD mode when cooking time is complete.
  • Timer - independent timer function can be used for timing items independent of the range oven.
  • Oven Lock - This child safety function prevents the oven controls from being activated when the oven is not in use.
  • Custom Settings
  • Clock Format - choose between 12 hour or 24 hour clock format for the display.
  • Degree Format - choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature setting.
  • Brightness - increase or decrease the brightness of the electronic display.
  • Sabbath mode - allows users belonging to religions with "no work" restrictions to program their oven to comply with the Sabbath requirement.
  • Exclusive VSH (VariSimmer-to-high) Pro Sealed burner System.
  • New! - Front right burner equipped with TruPower Plus
  • 18,500 BTU burner.
  • Burners equipped with 15,000 BTU's.
  • Exclusive VariSimmer setting for all burners maintains an incredibly low simmer, perfect for delicate sauces and chocolates.
  • Exclusive - all burners equipped with SureSpark Ignition System for consistent and reliable ignition.
  • Automatic re-ignition; surface burners light at any position on the knob and re-light if extinguished even on lowest setting.
  • New! - Heavy duty metal knobs with stainless steel finish shipped standard.
  • Exclusive - largest oven cavity in the industry.
  • 4.7 cu. ft. overall.
  • 4.1 cu. ft. measured to AHAM standards.
  • Exclusive patented Vari-Speed Dual Flow convection system has the largest convection fan in the industry.
  • The 8-1/2" fan works bidirectionally for maximum airflow and excellent cooking results.
  • Concealed 10-pass dual bake element provides precise temperature control and easy clean-up.
  • Extra large Gourmet Glo glass enclosed infrared broiler provides superior broiling performance.
  • Rapid Ready Preheat provides one of the fastest preheat times so your oven is ready to being cooking when you are.
  • Oven has six porcelain coated rack supports and comes standard with two standard oven racks and one TruGlide full extension oven rack.
  • Three strategically located oven lights provide maximum visibility.
  • Heavy-duty broiler pan and tray provide more roasting and broiling options.
  • High performance cooking modes.
  • Include Bake, Convection Bake, TruConvec Convection Cooking, Convection Roast, Auto Roast,
  • Meat Probe, Hi, Med and Low Broil, Convection Broil, Proof, Convection Dehydrate, Convection Defrost.

    Easy Operation and Cleanup
  • New! Single piece control panel easily removable for convenient front access to surface element valves/switches/spark modules plus oven switches and door lock assembly.
  • New! Front serviceable oven electronic control board.
  • Exclusive one piece tooled and porcelainized cooking surface for easy clean-up.
  • Burner caps are easily removable for quick cleaning.
  • Heavy-duty, porcelainized, cast-iron removable surface grates provide continuous front-to-rear, left-to-right surface for easy movement of large pots.
  • Self-cleaning porcelain oven.
  • Concealed 10-pass dual bake element makes for easy clean up of the oven cavity.

  • Professional Series* 3-Year Signature Warranty
    Shipping Weight: 420 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight
    We Sell and Ship Viking Appliances to
    residencies within Southern California Only.

  • Burner Ratings
  • Left Front Grated Burner: 15,000 BTU Nat./13,500 BTU LP (4.4 kW/4.0 kW)
  • Left Rear Grated Burner: 15,000 BTU Nat./13,500 BTU LP (4.4 kW/4.0 kW)
  • Right Front Grated Burner: 18,500 BTU Nat./16,600 BTU LP (5.4 kW/4.9 kW)
  • Right Rear Grated Burner: 15,000 BTU Nat./13,500 BTU LP (4.4 kW/4.0 kW)

  • Electrical Requirements: 240-208 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Electrical Connection Box on Product, Connect with Locally Supplied 3-Wire, Flexible Cord or "Pigtail" Rated
  • 40 Amp 125-250 VAC Minimum. Cord Must Be Agency
  • Approved for Use with Household Electric Ranges.
  • Maximum Amp Usage: 240V - 25.4 Amps, 208V - 22.9 Amps
  • Gas Requirements: Shipped Natural Gas Standard;
  • Convert to LP/Propane Factory Installed; Accepts
  • Standard Residential 1/2" ID Gas Service Line
  • Gas Manifold Pressure: Natural 5.0" W.C.P. /
  • Liquid Propane L/P 10.0" W.C.P.
  • Overall Dimensions
  • Overall Width: 29 7/8" (75.9 cm)
  • Overall Depth To End of Side Panel: 24 5/16" (61.8 cm)
  • Overall Depth To Front of Door: 25 3/4" (65.4 cm)
  • Overall Depth To End of Landing Edge: 28 1/16" (71.2 cm)
  • Overall Depth To End of Door Handle: 28 11/16" (72.9 cm)
  • Overall Height to Top of Side Trim: 35 7/8" (91.1 cm) to 37" (94.0 cm)
  • Legs Adjust: 1 1/8" (2.9 cm)
  • Additions to Base Height to Top of Island Trim: Add 1" (2.5 cm)
  • Additions to Base Height to Top of Backguard: Add 8" (20.3 cm)
  • Additions to Base Height to Top of High Shelf: Add 23 1/2" (59.7 cm)

    Oven Interior Dimensions
  • Oven Interior Width: 25 5/16" (64.6 cm)
  • Oven Interior Depth (AHAM): 16 13/16" (42.7 cm)
  • Oven Interior Depth (Overall): 19 1/2" (49.5 cm)
  • Oven Interior Height: 16 1/2" (41.9 cm)
  • Oven Interior Size (AHAM): 4.1 Cu. Ft.
  • Oven Interior Size (Overall): 4.7 Cu. Ft.