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Vent-A-Hood Tilt-Out Hoods

Vent-A-Hood makes the perfect range hood for today's motion-filled kitchen. They are unmatched at whisking grease and heat-polluted air away from your cooking area. Powerful enough for heavy-duty, professional-style cooking equipment, and proven quieter than any other range hood on the market - so you can pay attention to everything going on around you.

36" Vent-A-Hood Tilt-Out Hood, Tilt136/Tilt236
42" Vent-A-Hood Tilt-Out Hood, Tilt142/Tilt242
48" Vent-A-Hood Tilt-Out Hood, Tilt148/Tilt248
Tilt130/Tilt230 Vent-A-Hood 30" Tilt-Out Hood