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VGIQ5323RT1NSS Viking 53'' Natural Gas Barbecue w/TruSear IR Burner, Rotis & Side Burners

VGIQ5323RT1NSS Viking 53'' Natural Gas Barbecue w/TruSear IR Burner, Rotis & Side Burners
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Stainless Steel Knob kit:  Cast Iron Grill Grates: 


Grill Cart Sold Separately
Solid Viking Construction
• NEW! Canopy has been designed for seamless fit and finish
• No seams visible from front
• NEW! Cosmetic Updates
• Knobs are now cast metal for improved durability
• All bezels changed and match new indoor range line
• Laser-Etched graphics on control panels
• Built from thick sheets of rugged, heavy-duty stainless steel
• Double wall construction insulates hood to help keep heat inside and provides for a cooler sidewall
• Hood is slightly slanted to prevent water from accumulating on top of the grill and provides a sleek style that is synonymous with Viking name
• No exposed rotisserie slot to take away from strength of sidewall or allow the escape of precious heat
• All models can be built into any type of enclosure without the need of an insulated jacket - a Viking exclusive
• Portable carts are available for all models (sold separately)
• Stainless steel landing ledge with solid, welded, seamless finish
• No assembly required

Commercial-Type Cooking Power
• 25,000 BTU stainless steel grill burners produce intense searing heat across entire grilling surface
• Extra-deep sealed burner box keeps heat contained in burner area, allowing easier temperature maintenance
• 15,000 BTU Gourmet-Glo™ infrared rear burner, a heavy-duty rotisserie motor, stainless steel 1/2" rotisserie rod, and two rotisserie forks
• The infrared burner is a reliable, electronically ignited one-piece design
• The rotisserie rod is mounted on a ball-bearing rod support that provides smooth rotating action, and the rod is fully enclosed within the grill, a Viking exclusive
• The rotisserie motor assembly is supported by a rigid mount and is easily attached and removed from the grill for hassle-free cooking and storage
• No counter balance required due to heavy-duty rotisserie system
• Removable smoker box accommodates wood chips or large wood chunks
• Hinged smoker box design allows easy operation when adding smoker chips
• 12,500 BTU burner (split 25,000 BTU burner) underneath can be adjusted for maximum smoking performance
• The smoker box can be replaced with grilling grate for use of entire grill surface
• Push-button electronic ignition powered by a 9-volt battery provides a positive, consistent, and continuous spark for easy grill lighting
• Stainless steel flavor-generator plates catch drippings, generate smoke, minimize flare-ups, and allow for better heat control
• Perforated design allows heat to spread quickly and evenly across entire surface
• Burner flames are visible through perforations, allowing user to visually monitor heat output and adjust to the desired level
• Chrome-plated warming rack - reinforced by stainless steel rack supports - can easily be adjusted to three different positions, allowing use of additional accessory racks
• Thermometer located on canopy provides approximate grilling temperatures
• Side burners - a double configuration 15,000 BTU side burner is available on 41" and 53" wide models
• Heavy-duty fully porcelain-coated removable "V" grates provide continuous front-to-rear surface for easy movement of large pots
• Removable stainless steel grate support with separately removable stainless steel burner bowls enhances cleanability
• Removable stainless steel cover adds further burner protection from the elements
• TruSear™ Infrared Burner
• Located in far left grill burner position
• Constructed of heavy-duty inconel stainless steel
• 30,000 BTU high, 17,500 BTU low
• Intense searing heat caramelizes the outside of food locking in the food’s natural juices and flavors
• Drippings from food are vaporized from intense heat of TruSear burner, generating flavor and preventing flare-ups
• Reduced cooking times due to short preheat time and intense infrared heat
• Versatile – cooks everything from thick steaks and chops to seafood and vegetables

Easy Maintenance and Cleanup
• Grease management system consists of full-width removable stainless steel drip tray with individual removable trays within the main tray
• The exclusive "trays within a tray" design channels liquids to the precise drip tray location, providing easy cleanup because the liquids are contained
• Stainless steel ball-bearing rollers provide smooth opening of the drip tray, while roller stops prevent tray from falling out
• Extra heavy-duty cooking grids are porcelain-coated to prevent food from easily sticking to them; the virtual non-stick surface creates optimal cooking areas, while also creating an easy-to-clean surface
• Burners are equipped with stainless steel drip guards to combat burner clog and to aid grease management by channeling the liquids to the drip tray, which assists in flare-up control

Carts and Cabinetry
• Stainless steel cart rolls easily on inboard locking casters and 10" rubber wheels, allowing unit to fit flush against wall
• Includes two 16" wide by 24" deep fold-down side shelves
• Front access door features Viking stainless steel accessory rod
• Grills, Carts, and Cabinetry are all sold separately.
• Grill compatible with the following cabinetry: VQBO5322, VQWO5311

Overall Dimensions
• Width: 53 3/16" (135.1 cm)
• Depth: 32 3/4" (83.2 cm)
• Height: 16 5/8" (42.4 cm)

Shipping Weight: 460 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight
We Sell and Ship Viking Appliances to
residencies within Southern California Only.