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VSMFG Viking Food Grinder/Stuffer

VSMFG Viking Food Grinder/Stuffer


Prepare meats and gourmet spreads at home using your Viking mixer and this handy food grinder and stuffer attachment. Durable enough to meet the demands of professional use, it allows you to stuff your own sausages, grind meats for pate or burger patties and grind cheese or vegetables. Enjoy homemade foods you would otherwise pay more for already prepared. The attachment fits a Viking low-speed mixer power outlet, both 5- and 7-quart models. The set comes complete with a large sausage stuffer, a small sausage stuffer as well as a fine, medium and coarse grinder plate (one of each).

Product Characteristics
• Compatibility: Fits 5- and 7-quart models.
• Width: 3-in.
• Height: 6.25-in.
• Depth: 5-in.
• Weight: 4.21-lbs.
• Origin: United Kingdom
• Material: C45 steel, oil-hardened at 900
degrees Fahrenheit
• Cleaning & Care: Wipe the plates with veg. oil,
wrap w/paper towels

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Shipping Method:
This item ships Nationwide