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VGSB152T Viking Double Gas Side Burner

VGSB152T Viking Double Gas Side Burner
Each side burner generates 15,000 BTUs of heat - perfect for sauteing mushrooms, stir-frying vegetables, or boiling fresh corn on the cob.

Double side burners (VGSB152T) may be installed separately from outdoor gas grills
Two 15,000 BTU burners
Heavy-duty fully porcelain-coated removable "V" grates provide continuous front-to-rear surface for easy movement of large pots
Removable stainless steel grate support with separately removable stainless steel burner bowls enhances cleanability
Removable stainless steel cover adds protection from the elements
Removable stainless steel drip tray with roller-bearing glides, full-length handle, solid welded/finished end caps, and removable grease pan
Push-button electronic ignition powered by a 9-volt battery provides a positive, consistent, and continuous spark for easy lighting

Installation Guide

Shipping Weight: 80 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight