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Viking Knife Sets

Experienced cooks know one thing: Don't skimp on your knives. Quality cutlery makes cooking a joy. With a bad knife, it's not only unpleasant, but more dangerous.

Viking's new collection of hand-forged, ice-hardened, hand-sharpened knives are razor-sharp, perfectly balanced, and beautiful to look at. They exemplify the fine craftsmanship that is Viking's hallmark.

Forged from the finest high-carbon, chromium vandium alloy, Viking knives sharpen quickly, hold a razor-edge and are virtually rust and chip-proof. The blades are a solid piece running from the tip of the knife through the handle to the butt (full-tang), making the knife sturdier and more balanced in your hand. The control you'll feel, coupled with the keen-edge sharpness, makes chopping, dicing and mincing simple and easy.

Viking assembled some of their favorites into useful money-saving sets -- no extraneous little-used knives included -- and paired them with some various storage options to ensure they stay in impeccable shape.

VCSR0105 Viking 10 pc Chef's Set
VCSR0106 Viking 3pc Chef's Starter Set
VCSR0104 Viking 6 pc Santoku Set