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Viking Outdoor Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser Detailed Features

Professional Features:
Can be installed freestanding or built-in
Spacious interior is capable of holding up to one half-barrel
Includes an easy-to-clean-and-use stainless steel dispensing tower
The tower tap handle is threaded so custom handles can be installed
The VRBD freestanding model is
easily moved by four heavy-duty casters, two that are capable of being locked
Packaged with the unit are a filled 5 lb. (2.3 kg) CO2 cylinder, keg coupler, air line with clamps, and a single-gauge regulator

Agency-Approved for Outdoor Use:
A stainless steel exterior cabinet surrounds the unit and forms a water-resistant seal Insulated electrical terminals, sealed electrical contacts, and a water-resistant thermostat provide optimal performance in all weather elements
The normal operating range for the unit is between 40 degrees F (4.4 degrees C) and 110 degrees F (43.4 degrees C); it is recommended that the unit be shut off in temperatures above 110 degrees F (43.4 degrees C) and below 40 degrees F (4.4 degrees C)
Factory-set for the ideal beverage storage temperature - 38 degrees F (3.3 degrees C)
Temperature-adjustable from 35 to 54 degrees F (2 to 12 degrees C)

Optional Accessories:
1-qt. cleaning kit for use in cleaning lines and faucet
Includes 1-qt. cleaner, tap and line cleaner, faucet wrench, and faucet brush
4-oz. bottle of tap and line cleaning solution
Faucet lock with keyed entry

Exclusive Finishes:
Available in Stainless Steel (SS)

Warranty Highlights:
One-year full covers complete unit
Five-year limited - sealed refrigeration system

Model Numbers:
VRBD140T - Solid door, freestanding
VUBD140T - Solid door, built-in