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Viking Ventilation

Viking Ventilation
There's no warmer greeting for a dinner guest than the smell of fresh-baked bread or a simmering stew. On the other hand, you don't want everyone taking the scent of that fabulous trout amandine home on their clothes.

Viking ventilation products corral even the most pungent cooking fumes. Rangehoods feature variable vent speed controls - so you can treat your guests to an aromatic appetizer, or keep tonight's menu a complete surprise. Downdraft systems quietly work with cooktops and rangetops to keep those simmering odors at bay.

Viking offers a wide array of ventilation products in both its Professional Series, offering a traditional industrial appearance, and its Designer Series, offering a sleek look with clean lines.

Serve a little fresh air with your next meal. It's aroma-therapy for the palate.

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