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W6222T ASKO Titanium Washer

W6222T ASKO Titanium Washer
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Color shown White

Feature Highlights
• EasyControl™ and SmoothDial™ technology provide easy access 10 wash programs and customizable options
• Three spin speeds: 0, 800, 1200 rpm
• Temperature knob allows easy, quick adjustments from cold (inlet water temperature) all the way up to 205° F
• Available in white, black or titanium
• Super-rinse adds 2 rinses to any cycle
• Ten programs: Stain-White, Stain-Color, White, Color, Quick, Perma Press, Wool / Hand, Rinse, Spin, Drain

Standard ASKO Washer Features
• Stainless steel inner and outer tanks never rust, chip or absorb odors
• Internal heater produces optimal temperatures throughout the entire wash cycle
• Capacity that matches any top-loader-14 towels and most queen-size comforters
• Smaller exterior allows for more convenient installations--under counters or stacked in closets
• 20-year life expectancy
• Solid rubber SmartSeal™ door gasket eliminates troublesome bellows that crack and leak
• The QuickWash™ program facilitates a faster wash cycle that uses less water and energy.
• Quattro™ four-shock suspension & Automatic Load Balancing System ensures quiet, virtually vibration free spin
• Easy-to-reach, out-front controls
• Complies with ADA accessibility guidelines
• Additional wiring unnecessary: this 220 volt unit plugs into the back of an ASKO dryer
• Every unit tested at factory

Height: 33-1/2" - 34-1/2"
Width: 23-1/2"
Depth with Door Closed: 24-7/16"
Depth with Door Open: 42-1/2"

Shipping Weight: 174 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight