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WFMC8440UC Bosch Nexxt 800 Series Silver Duo-Tone Washer

WFMC8440UC Bosch Nexxt 800 Series  Silver Duo-Tone Washer
WFMC8440UC Bosch Nexxt 800 Series  Silver Duo-Tone WasherWFMC8440UC Bosch Nexxt 800 Series  Silver Duo-Tone Washer


Floor Model, sold with pedestal WTZ1295S. Comes with original factory warranty

  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR 2011 Guidelines - Uses only 150 kWh/yr
  • This washer uses 150 kWh/yr and has an estimated yearly operating cost of $15.98.
  • The estimated yearly operating cost is based on doing 8 laundry loads a week and the 2007 national average electricity cost of $.1065 per kWh. Your operating cost will depend on your utility rates and usage.
  • *Operating cost based on electric water heating.

    800 Series Nexxt Washer Performance XXTRASANITARY® Cycle
  • Using a thermostat-controlled, intelligent sensor for improved precision, this innovative cycle heats up the water to 170°F and maintains this temperature for exactly 3 minutes. After killing 99.9% of most common household bacteria, the water temperature is reduced to a gentler 150°F to prevent fabric breakdown. Clothes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with no damage to the fibers.

    KIDSCARE™ Cycle
  • The littlest people in the house usually account for the toughest stains. This cycle heats the wash water up to 150°F to remove even the most stubborn stains with ease.

    Jeans Cycle
  • Bosch has engineered a special wash program designed especially to care for denim. It features specific temperature and spin profiles to prevent fading, which prolongs the life of the fabric.

    AQUAGUARD™ Cycle
  • This wash cycle has been engineered to waterproof ski apparel, rain gear and other breathable outerwear. Simply pour your waterproofing product into the dispenser chamber, select the AQUAGUARD program and renew the waterproof layer of your garment.
  • Comforter Cycle

    800 Series Nexxt Washer Efficiency ECOACTION™
  • For ultimate efficiency, Bosch washers offer ECOACTION, which adjusts water temperature and cycle length with the touch of a button to reduce energy consumption up to 20% per cycle.

    Nexxt 800 Series - ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • All Bosch washers are ENERGY STAR® rated through 2011, which has helped make Nexxt washers the most efficient models on the market.

    Nexxt 800 Series exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements by 102%. 1,200 rpm Spin Speed
  • Bosch washers spin your clothes at an extremely high speed, helping to remove the most water possible before you move your clothes into the dryer. This minimizes energy usage during the drying process.

    800 Series Nexxt Washer Quietness
  • By combining a high-quality brushless motor system, a low-friction belt drive and specially engineered housing for additional sound insulation, Bosch washers are the quietest in the industry.
  • The Nexxt 800 Series washers have a 52 dBA silence rating.

    800 Series Nexxt Washer Capacity
  • 6 4.2 Cubic Foot Large Capacity Washer

    800 Series Nexxt Washer Safety AQUASTOP® Leak Protection
  • AQUASTOP is Bosch's patented multi-stage leak-protection system that safeguards your home in the unlikely event of a washer leak. If the sensor detects a leak, the machine automatically shuts down water flow and pumps out any remaining water.

    800 Series Nexxt Washer Gentle Care SENSOTRONIC® PLUS
  • We offer SENSOTRONIC PLUS, a network of sensors that analyze your wash, determining load size, temperature and more, then adjusts levels automatically to care gently for everything from wool to silk.

    ARCHIE® Paddles
  • As your wash gently tumbles, Bosch's patented ARCHIE paddles cascade water from high above, rinsing away suds and giving your laundry a complete, gentle clean, without the use of a harmful agitator. Plus, an ingenious inclined drum helps ensure that not a single shirt goes unturned.

    Internal Water Heater
  • Many washer heaters operate on timers. But Bosch washers have thermostats that monitor and automatically adjust the water to precisely the right temperature. So your clothes are washed thoroughly, efficiently and gently.

    Shipping Weight: 120 lbs
    Shipping Method:
    Motor Freight

  • Approximate Overall Dimensions:
  • Height : 36 15/16"
  • Width : 27"
  • Depth : 31 9/16"
  • Energy Guide for WFMC8440UC