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Whirlpool Cooktops

Whirlpool Gas and Electric Cooktops provide consistent performance in perfect balance with convenience features. Selected Whirlpool Cooktops utilize "CleanTop Cooking System", where radiant elements heat quickly and evenly under pots for efficient, consistent performance. Other performance features include Whirlpool Gold Dual Watt Element, Sealed Gas Burners, 12,500 BTU Power Burner and Cast Iron Grates.

Whirlpool Gas CooktopsWhirlpool Gas Black Cooktops
Whirlpool Gas White Cooktops
Whirlpool Gas Stainless Steel Cooktops
Whirlpool Gas Cooktop Accessories
Whirlpool Electric CooktopsWhirlpool Electric White Cooktops
Whirlpool Electric Black Cooktops
Whirlpool Electric Stainless Steel Cooktops
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Whirpool Induction CooktopsGCI3061XB Whirlpool Gold Series Black Induction Cooktop