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WI-HPSS-1 HousePure ScaleStop 1'' System

WI-HPSS-1 HousePure ScaleStop 1'' System


Premier water treatment for the entire home.

HousePure ScaleStop utilizes a combination of coconut shell activated carbon, KDF-55 media and Watts ScaleStop Media. In combination, the HousePure ScaleStop provides the most effective alternative to salt-using water softeners, reducing harmful scale buildup throughout pipes, dishes and appliances while retaining beneficial minerals in the water supply. The scale control system does not require salt.

Shipping Weight: 40 lbs
Shipping Method:

Recommended replacement of media is three years.
  • 12 GPM Scale Control
  • Includes Installation Kit
  • Scale Control Alternative to Water Softening
  • Automatic Backwashing with Heavy Duty Industrial Valve Rated to 24 GPM
  • Whole House Protection
  • Coconut Shell Carbon and KDF Media Protection
  • 1/2” discharge connection
  • 1” Flow Connections
  • Dimensions:
  • Height: 60"
  • Diameter: 24"
    System dimensions include both tanks