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CT30E Wolf 30" Electric Cooktop

CT30E Wolf 30" Electric Cooktop
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• Four high-performance elements, all with one-touch simmer setting, one with an even lower one-touch melt setting.
• Safety features include a universal off switch that lets you shut down all the cooktop elements at once, a lock key that allows you to child-proof the unit, and an integral hot surface indicator for each element, which stays lit until the element has cooled.
• Graduated control lighting indicates a unit is on and active.
• A completely smooth surface is made possible by our electronic touch control.
• Smooth glass top is subtly patterned to reduce visible scratches and keep your cooktop looking newer longer.
• Four Heating Elements with Six Zones
• Two Dual Elements Power (maximum) - 750W Inner/2200W Outer and 950W Inner/1900W Outer
• Two Single Elements Power (Maximum) - 1500W and 1200W

Dimentsions: 30"W x 21"D x 3 1/2"H

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Shipping Weight: 45 lbs
Shipping Method:
Motor Freight

We Sell and Ship Wolf Appliances to
Residencies within Southern California Only.