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Wolf Gas BBQ Grills

Wolf Gas BBQ Grills
Wolf outdoor grills are, like their kitchen counterparts, precision instruments.

Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, both the 36-inch and the 48-inch models are available built-in or as a freestanding grill card. Features include a 115-volt rotisserie; an infrared rear burner for precise, beaustifully consistent grilling; and optional side burners - a kitchen al fresco. So let the entertainment begin.

Wolf Built-In Gas BBQ GrillsOG30 Wolf 30'' Outdoor Gas Grill
OG36 Wolf 36" Outdoor Gas Grill
OG42 Wolf 42" Outdoor Gas Grill
BM13 Wolf Burner Module
SB13 Wolf Side Burner for Cart
OG54 Wolf 54" Outdoor Stainless Steel Gas Grill