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Wolf Appliances

Wolf Appliances
Throughout 2002 Wolf will be introducing totally redesigned and newly engineered products each containing exclusive features that make Wolf second to none. With Built-In Wall Ovens featuring exclusive dual convection and four heating elements, baking becomes an exercise in intuition performed by the oven, itself. Gas and Electric Cooktops, including the 15� Integrated Cooktop, will make saut�ing a cinch with exclusive features that make a home chef melt. Microwaves that �Parle fran�ais?��with Wolf, anything is possible. Ventilation needs no longer be confusing, when Wolf hits the market with redesigned hoods and downdrafts, a touch of the remote and you are in control. Wolf�s new Dual Fuel Professional Ranges and Rangetops offer a variety of exclusive features to the home chef, such as the Charbroiler and Griddle with an infrared burner, and the French Top for serious gourmet moves.

Freshe food. More delicious meals.

Instant savings of up to $2,500

Any full-size
built-in, integrated,
or PRO 48 refrigeration

Any size range (gas or dual fuel) or
any size wall oven with any size rangetop
or 30" or 36" cooktop

Valid from 04/01/14 to 03/31/15

Wolf VentilationWolf Chimney Hoods
Wolf Downdraft Hoods
Wolf Wall Hoods
Wolf Pro Island Hoods
Wolf Pro Hood Liners
Wolf Pro Low-Profile Wall Hoods
Wolf CooktopsWolf Electric Cooktops
Wolf Gas Cooktops
Wolf Integrated Cooktops
Wolf Induction Cooktops
Wolf RangetopsSRT304 Wolf 30" Sealed Burner Rangetop
SRT366 Wolf 36" Sealed Burner Rangetop
SRT364C Wolf 36'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with Charbroiler
SRT364G Wolf 36'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with Griddle
SRT486C Wolf 48'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with Charbroiler
SRT486G Wolf 48'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with Griddle
SRT484CG Wolf 48'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with Charbroiler & Griddle
SRT484DG Wolf 48'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with Double Griddle
SRT484F Wolf 48'' Sealed Burner Rangetop with French Top
Wolf Microwave OvensMW24 Wolf 24" Microwave Oven Floor Model
MWC24 Wolf Convention Microwave Oven
MWD24-2U/S Wolf 24" Stainless Steel Drawer Microwave Oven
MWD30-2U/S Wolf 30" Drawer Microwave Oven
Wolf Warming DrawersWWD30 Wolf 30" Stainless Steel Warming Drawer
WWD30O Wolf 30'' Stainless Steel Outdoor Warming Drawer
Wolf RangesWolf Dual Fuel Ranges
Wolf Gas Ranges
Wolf Gas BBQ GrillsWolf Built-In Gas BBQ Grills
Wolf OvensWolf Single Electric Built-In Ovens
Wolf Double Electric Built-In Ovens
Wolf Steam Ovens
Wolf Grill CartsCART30 Wolf 30" Grill Cart
CART36 Wolf 36" Grill Cart
CART42 Wolf 42" Grill Cart