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Wolf Microwave Ovens

Wolf Microwave Ovens
Powerful Help in the Kitchen.
What sort of microwave can you expect from a cooking company? Wolf thinks this is one microwave oven that deserves the Wolf name. It's fast - 1,200 watts on high. Roomy - a full two cubic feet. And it is a true cooking instrument with a vast range of advanced features including sensor cooking, controlled form an interactive display. For safety, a child lock feature is standard.

The wolf family resemblance extends beyond function to aesthetic matters as well. The unit is black, with trim available in all ther Wolf finish colors: the standard Classic Stainless or the premium-finish Carbon Stainless or Platinum Stainless.

MW24 Wolf 24" Microwave Oven Floor Model
MWC24 Wolf Convention Microwave Oven
MWD24-2U/S Wolf 24" Stainless Steel Drawer Microwave Oven
MWD30-2U/S Wolf 30" Drawer Microwave Oven