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Zephyr Ventilation

Zephyr Ventilation
Zephyr entered the market in 1997, recognizing the increasing demand for high output cooking equipment and built-in appliances in residential homes. A new platform of ventilating range hoods. The "Power Series", with never before available features and performance was created. Zephyr introduced products addressing air quality concerns for consumers seeking high CFM ventilation along with quietness, efficiency, unique features and competitive pricing.

Zephyr Arc CollectionZephyr Arc Duo Collection
Zephyr Arc Horizon Collection
Zephyr Arc Surface Collection
Zephyr Arc Plane Collection
Zephyr Arc Edge Collection
Zephyr Arc Tilt Collection
Zephyr Arc Layers Collection
Zephyr Europa Hoods CollectionZephyr Europa White Hoods Collection
Zephyr Europa Black Hoods Collection
Zephyr Europa Stainless Steel Hoods Collection
Zephyr Cheng Design HoodsZephyr Cheng Design Stainless Steel Hoods
Zephyr Power Series HoodsZephyr Power Series White Hoods
Zephyr Power Series Black Hoods
Zephyr Power Series Bisque Hoods
Zephyr Power Series Stainless Steel Hoods
Brisas by ZephyrBVE-E36AS Brisas by Zephyr 36" Stainless Steel Chimney Wall Hood
Zephyr Tamburo HoodsZTA-E30AS290 Zephyr 30" Tamburo Series Stainless Steel Under-Cabinet Range Hood 290 CFM
Zephyr Hoods / Power PacksAK8000AS Zephyr 290 CFM Twister Power Pack
AK8100AS Zephyr 600 CFM Tornado I Power Pack
AK8300ASX Zephyr Tornado III Power Pack with Baffle Filters
AK8200AS Zephyr 1000 CFM Tornado II Power Pack with Baffle Filters
AK8800AS Zephyr Willow 29" Stainless Steel 1000 CFM Outdoor Power Pack
AK8800AG Zephyr Willow 29" Gray 1000 CFM Outdoor Power Pack
AK7836ASX Zephyr Cypress 36" Stainless Steel Outdoor Hood
AK7842ASX Zephyr Cypress 42" Stainless Steel Outdoor Hood
AK7848ASX Zephyr Cypress 48" Stainless Steel Outdoor Hood